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Skinny Crust Story


We are a frozen flatbread producer creating the unique tastes where Meat meets Dough. In making Mediterranean style, thin crust beef flatbreads, "Lahmacun", we always use wholesome ingredients. The taste comes from the great combination of minced meat and vegetables and spices, baked in our state-of-the-art production facility located in East Dundee, IL. The thin crust is low in carbs, the topping is high in proteins and vitamins. Knowing that clean eating is one of the keys of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we always put fresh and local ingredients to our products.


With more than two decades of specialty food experience, we aim to introduce Lahmacun to the food lovers in the United States. As a family business, we produce our recipe with maximum care and hygiene according to USDA and HACCP standards. We do not use any type of preservatives in the production of this healthy, ready-to-eat fast food alternative. We keep our product simple and the taste comes from the fresh wholesome ingredients.

The beef flatbread: Lahmacun


Our priority is environmental sustainability. We try to reduce our carbon print by using the produce that is seasonal and local as well as humanely raised, local meats. We will develop more healthy varieties such as vegan and gluten free options in the near future. We are very strict on proper supply chain to keep our product safe within every step until it reaches to your table. We only freeze and never use chemicals to preserve our final product. Our lahmacuns are handcrafted and baked in our stone oven to give the most satisfying taste.

The beef flatbread: Lahmacun

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