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How to make?

    Lahmacun is a round, thin piece of dough topped with minced meat (most commonly beef or lamb), blended with finely chopped vegetables and herbs including onions, garlic, tomatoes, red peppers, and parsley, and well-balanced spices such as chili pepper, paprika, and then baked in super-hot stone oven until it gets crusty. Due to its shape and superficial similarity, it can be described as flatbread. However, unlike pizza or flatbread, Lahmacun is not usually prepared with cheese or sauce, and the crust is much thinner.

    It is made with unleavened dough and it is quite easy to make, the perfection of the crust always depends on the oven. The temperature should be evenly distributed in the oven and the baking time is essential since it takes only couple minutes to bake

   The topping is consist of finely chopped vegetables, ground beef and spice mixture. After adding the mince and knead them all together, some tomatoes or water may be added to adjust juicyness. Then it is just left to leave to rest.

   It is ready to bake, after the topping is applied on to the paper thin rolled dough. It only takes matter of minutes to get a well crusted Lahmacun in a proper oven. Each Lahmacun is perfectly portioned as 4oz each, and 2 pc usually more than enough for one.


How to Make Ready...

At Skinny Crust, we prepare Lahmacuns with maximum hygiene and care with our state-of-the-art production facility. It is fully cooked and kept frozen to preserve its freshness on your table. After removing the frozen product from the package, it is ready to eat in matter of minutes by using  conventional ovens,  stove top pans, grills or even microwave.

We don't recommend to freeze Lahmacun after it thawed or warmed. If you need to store lahmacun for a while, you need to put them in a certain way. It must be the way that one lahmacun looking up, and above that, another lahmacun looking down. This way the topping will not entangle with the dough that is on the backside.


How to Eat...

Lahmacun is a very thin crust, round shaped flatbread. In different regions of Turkey, the size of the Lahmacun changes. Even though it can be eaten with knife and fork, you will be more comfortable to use your hands.

Squeezing a little bit of lemon juice and usually preferred in lahmacun. Parsley and arugula also go well inside and eaten like a wrap.This is the optimal way to eat lahmacun. The typical side dish of the Lahmacun is onion, parsley, sumac salad which goes best with it.It is typically eaten

with ayran, a traditional Turkish drink that is derived from yogurt and is a salty drink. Turnip juice, another traditional Turkish drink which is made from red carrots, is another option to have with lahmacun. Both of those drinks are healthier than sugary and acidic drinks and their taste just matches with lahmacun perfectly. But drinking cola or other soft drinks are also preferred.

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How Healthy...

Lahmacun is considered to be a healthier

and delicious fast food alternative since

it is produced from scratch with all-natural

ingredients without any additional

preservatives.Every piece comes with

nutritious meat, healthy veggies and little

amount of carbs. An average of 80 grams lahmacun has a very satisfying taste which is around 120 calories. The dough is simply made without using yeast, which is better for those who is intolerant to leavening agents.

Lahmacun is an ultimate street food in Turkey that we all love. A very popular lunch time snack, lahmacun is sold in street stalls as well as in restaurants or can made at home. In Kebab houses, mini lahmacuns are served as an appetizer that no one can’t get enough. We Turks also love to have it as a take away food, a great, healthy alternative to fast food and  the children love them too. 

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