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What is Lahmacun



Thin Crust Beef Flatbread

    Lahmacun (pronounced LAH-mah-joon) means "dough with meat", and the bread consists of a thin layer of flattened dough covered by minced meat and a variety of vegetables and well-balanced spices. Baked to crispy perfection, it is eaten with fresh vegetables or herbs and some lemon juice. With a thin dough and a layer of meaty goodness, this flatbread is a different take on the one you may be used to.


Lahmacun is a popular and loved dish that has an important place on Turkey’s deliciousness map. It is prepared by putting a filling with mince to a thin layer of dough, and then baking it. It is also as known as “Turkish flatbread” since it is sort of similar to pizza, in the preparing process.

    Lahmacun is an example of how wonderfully simple and uncomplicated flavors can be. It could be simply described as dough and mince topping which could be made with beef, meat, or lamb, but the ingredients within filling, the dough of it, the preparation of it is all contributes to the taste of lahmacun. In Turkey, different regions make lahmacun in various styles and all of them are loved.

What’s the difference between American pizza and Lahmacun?

    It’s no secret that Americans love pizza. An estimated three billion pizzas  are sold each year! In fact, 93% of us will eat a slice at least once in the next month. So why not switch it up? It’s a flatbread that’s popular in Armenia, Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries. You may have seen it spelled lehmejun, lahmajoon, lahmajun—no matter what, the word refers to this incredible recipe.


Well, lahmacun has no cheese or tomato sauce! But popular toppings include onion, garlic and green pepper, which is similar to a traditional American pizza. The vegetables are mixed with a ground meat of your choosing and placed on top of thin dough, similar to a tortilla. (Kids and other picky eaters in your family will enjoy the freedom to select their own toppings.) Unlike American pizza, lahmacun is commonly rolled up and eaten like a burrito, with the ultra thin crust giving it a satisfying crunch. As long as you don’t use milk or butter to make the dough, this dairy-free meal is a great alternative for those who are lactose-intolerant. Remove the meat and you have a great vegan option, too.

Why it is healthier?

   According to Clean Eating Magazine, Lahmacun is a A Turkish specialty, that is extra-thin crust pizza is made with ground lamb or beef and chopped vegetables, seasoned with well-balanced spices. After it’s baked, it’s topped with a cool, crisp salad for an all-in-one meal your family will love.

   With its thin crust, your carb intake will be lesser, with its hearty toppings your protein and vitamin intake will be more than many flatbreads in the market. You can consume Lahmacun in different sizes and with different ingredients in every region. This is due to the richness of local flavors. The average 80 grams of lahmacun has a very satisfying taste which is around 120 calories. The dough is simple made without using yeast, which is better for those who is intolerant to leavening agents.

    Lahmacun is a doughy, meaty, vegetable and spicy food. For this reason, lahmacun is among the foods with high nutritional value. So if you are craving fast food or pizza but you want to stay on a healthier side, this is a recipe for you!

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Best selling street food...

  Being the popular street food in Turkey, Lahmacun become best selling meal during the 2020 lockdowns, according to,  a major food delivery portal in Turkey. It is always preferred in terms of its excellent well-balanced taste and it is more satisfying from its counterparts since it has less calories, more vitamins. It is also handcrafted and prepared in matter of minutes. Almost every restaurant in Turkey serves this spectacular dish with local differences. For many, lahmacun immediately brings to mind Turkey's southeastern regions, especially the Urfa and Gaziantep provinces where lahmacun originated. Each province has its own style of lahmacun, all of them unique with its own connoisseurs. The both provinces has their own patent from Turkish Patents and Trademark office. It is posible to find this beloved dish in every corner of Turkey.

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                Photo Credit: <a href="">Food photo created by KamranAydinov -</a>

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